About Me

I am a freelance writer and photographer who has spent a decade covering the environment, agriculture, education and international development. My work has taken me to the top of Mount Elgon in Uganda, refugee schools in Jordan, and Monsanto's GMO greenhouses in St. Louis, Missouri.

Other work that I am proud of includes investigations showing how European chemical companies sidestepped chemical safety laws; and exposing how intense lobbying by drug and water companies derailed European regulation to limit pharmaceutical pollution in rivers. I also wrote a deep dive piece on the myths and realities of GM crops.

I like telling people's stories and getting at the truth. I am a good listener, a keen observer, and a bit of a cynic.

I have worked for the Guardian, National Public Radio and Scientific American, among other outlets. I am a former staff writer for Nature.

I am a native Londoner living in Washington DC.


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